Dette er en stor oversikt som IBM UK publiseres ca annen hver måned jevnlige til IBM’s partnere, vi kan videresende dette til IBM’s kunder, og den består av artikler relatert hovedsakelig til IBM POWER plattformen. Selv om det er mye så er hensikten at dette er noe for enhver smak. Noen liker noe, andre synes andre områder er bra, man velger selv det man ønsker å lese.

Inndelt i følgende hovedoversikter:

Og her følger en detaljert oversikt på alt:

Top 5 stuff

1)   IBM I: The Most Amazing IBM Product You’ve Never Heard Of  
“IBM I is the closest thing to a software platform superhero I’ve yet seen and likely the safest and most powerful server platform you’ve never heard of.” 
 “After the briefing on IBM I, I was thinking that if you could wrap this platform in Spandex, you could put it in the next Avengers movie as a real live superhero”,
“What makes IBM I so amazing is that it is very similar in concept to hyper-converged hardware but in software.”  

2) Join our 48-hour POWER tour, starting in Las Vegas. No packing or passport required – enjoy!   48 Hours in POWER – Travel Guide to IT Transformation

3) Last year Mono was ported to AIX and IBM i. Mono offers the capability to run the open source .NET runtime on Power Systems.  Building Out The .NET Stack Around Mono for IBM i

4) What  trends and attitudes shape the IBM i modernisation? Check out the  2019 State of IBM i Modernization report, download from here

5) Launchpad to POWER9  a collection of useful information, videos, pod casts etc to guide you upgrading your infrastructure to the cognitive era.

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POWER news stuff

Real Clients. Real Results: Case studies:   Well worth your time >>
  • Paul Zikopoulos, VP Big Data Analytics for IBM  > Paul Zikopoulos, IBM | IBM Think 2019
  • Jamie Thomas, GM, IBM Systems Strategy & Development,> Jamie Thomas, IBM | IBM Think 2019
  • Eric Herzog, CMO and VP of Worldwide Storage Channels >  Eric Herzog, IBM | IBM Think 2019
  • Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, Cloud Platform > Jason McGee, IBM | IBM Think 2019

    IBM Europe Announcement letters

    Hardware Software Withdrawals
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    POWER techie stuff

    IBM i Global support centre videos: Check out these groups and their events pages >>
    • Welcome to the ETS Switzerland AIX User Group!
  • Georgia IBM Power Systems User Group
  • Cognitive Systems Virtual User Group
    Cloud Stuff
    Storage stuff
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    Data & analytics stuff
    Cognitive stuff
    IBM Redbooks News

    Upcoming  events, education or training stuff

    Search and find IBM’s latest training sessions on offer: IBM’s Training and Skills courses

    IBM Training courses guaranteed to run in March 2019
    Latest live virtual classes from IBM System Software Education  ( IBM / BP only) .
    On Demand: Launchpad to POWER9 Webinar Series! 

    NEW >> 19 Mar 2019 IBM i Security Tour by Helpsystems, IBM, Jackson House, Manchester, UK  
    NEW >> 21 Mar POWERcast Series: Inside the Integrated File System (IFS)
    NEW >> 21 Mar  OpenPOWER and AI Workshop, University of Lund, Lund, Sweden
    NEW >> 26-28 Mar IBM i Performance Analysis workshop with IBM’s Stacy Benfield and Morten Rasmussen, Paris, France
    26-28 Mar RPG & DB2 Summit in Charlotte, NC,  USA
    NEW >> 26-28 Mar The OpenShift Architecture on IBM Power Systems Technical Workshop, IBM Client Center Montpellier, France (IBM and BP ONLY)
    NEW >> 28 Mar Webcast: Designing Responsive IBM i Mobile Web Applications
    NEW >> TBD Apr IBM Systems Technical University, Florianopolis, Brazil (all sessions in Portuguese)
    NEW >> TBD Apr IBM India Spectrum Storage User Group, IBM Mumbai, India. Contact: Swapnil Joshi   (
    NEW >> 02 Apr IBM i Security Best Practices by COMMON Europe and  Syncsort
    NEW >> 04 Apr Think Summit Dublin, Aviva Stadium , Dublin, Ireland
    NEW >> 04 Apr Configuring ACS (Access Client Solutions) to Use SSL (TLS) by Helpsystems
    NEW >> 09 Apr Spectrum Storage User Group: IBM Hursley User Group – BP , IBM Hursley, UK (BP Only)
    NEW >> 10 Apr Spectrum Storage User Group: IBM Hursley User Group – Customers, IBM Hursley, UK
    NEW >>  11 Apr Spectrum Storage User Group: IBM Customer Design Thinking Product Research Day, IBM Hursley, UK
    NEW >>  11 AprGo Dashboarding With Db2 Web Query
    NEW >> 15-18 Apr  IBM Systems Technical University Dubai, UAE Video: Welcome to IBM Systems TechU in Dubai 15-18 April
    NEW >> 24-26 Apr IBM Systems Technical University, Casablanca, Morocco (all sessions in French) Video: Welcome to IBM Systems TechU in Casablanca 24-26
    29 Apr – 03 May IBM Systems Technical University Atlanta 2019 , USA
    19-22 May POWERUp by COMMON, Disneyland® Resort, Anaheim, CA, USA
    NEW >> 21 May Spectrum Storage User Group, IBM, Copenhagen, Denmark  Contact Jens Nüchel Petersen
    NEW >> 22-23 May Spectrum Storage User Group, IBM Kista Plus, Sweden Contact Roger Eriksson
    02-07 Jun IBM i Large User Group (The LUG), IBM Rochester, MN, USA
    04-06 Jun IBM i Security with Thomas Barlen, IBM Southbank, London, UK . Please email Malcolm Sanderson,, if you are interested in attending.
    11-12 Jun 2019 International i-Power Conference, The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes, UK
    16-19 Jun Common Europe Congress (CEC) 2019,  Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, Germany
    NEW >> 26 Jun  Spectrum Storage User Group: IBM Manchester User Group – Customers, IBM Manchester, UK
    NEW >> TBD July  IBM Systems Technical University, Melbourne, Australia
    NEW >> TBD Aug IBM Systems Technical University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    NEW >> 11-13 Sept IBM Systems Technical University, Johannesburg, S.A.
    15-20 Sept IBM i Large User Group (The LUG), IBM Rochester, MN, USA
    NEW >> TBD Oct IBM Systems Technical University, Colombia
    NEW >> 07-11 Oct  IBM Systems Technical University,  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    NEW >> 21-25 Oct  IBM Systems Technical University,  Prague, Czech Republic
    NEW >> TBD Nov IBM Systems Technical University, Bali, Indonesia
    NEW >> TBD Nov IBM Systems Technical University, Bangkok, Thailand
    NEW >>  12 Nov Spectrum Storage User Group: IBM Hursley User Group – BP day  IBM Hursley, UK (BP Only)
    NEW >>  13 Nov Spectrum Storage User Group: IBM Hursley User Group – Customer day , IBM Hursley, UK

    02 Mar Common Europe Webinars: Securely Deploying IBM’s Access Client Solutions ACS
    28 Feb AIX VUG – USA: nmon & njmon with Nigel Griffiths
    06 Feb POWER VUG: 83 The Wide World of Open Source with IBM i
    31 Jan AIX VUG – USA: Enterprise Cloud Bundle and AIX Enterprise Edition with Petra Buehrer
    23 Jan POWER VUG: Session 82: njmon =nmon+JSON+real-time+graphs
    17 Jan AIX VUG – USA: IBM Cloud Private with Joe Cropper
    12 Dec  Cognitive Systems Virtual User Group – PowerAI Overview with Eric Fiala

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