Power 10-servere som passer for det nordiske markedet er tilgjengelig for bestilling.

Endelig er Power 10 annonsert med fantastisk ytelsesforbedring i forhold til eldre Power-maskiner. Den minste Power 10-maskinen leverer en dobling av CPW (prosessorytelse) per kjerne i forhold til Power 9. De som i dag har en Power-maskin med SAS-disker bør absolutt vurdere å bytte til Power 10 med NVMe.

Her er oversikt over ytelsestall for aktuelle Power-maskiner


De mest aktuelle maskinen for Norge er S1014 i prisgruppe P05 eller P10. Modelen i prisgruppe P05 har en begrensning på 64 GB minne og 6,4 TB NVMe. Siden NVMe må speiles, betyr det at største tilgjenglig diskplass på en P05-maskin blir på 3,2 TB. De som har behov for mer minne eller disk må velge P10-varianten.

Her er utdrag fra den engelske annonseringsteksten

BM Power servers are already the most reliable and secure in their class. Now, the new IBM Power S1014 (9105-41B) technology-based server extends that leadership and introduces the essential scale-out hybrid cloud platform, uniquely architected to help clients securely and efficiently scale core operational and AI applications anywhere in a hybrid cloud. Clients can encrypt all data simply without management overhead or performance impact and drive insights faster with AI at the point of data. Clients can also gain workload deployment flexibility and agility with a single hybrid cloud currency while doing more work.

Power S1014 features include:

IBM Power10 processors with up to four or eight total cores per server
In-core AI inferencing and machine learning with Matrix Math Accelerator (MMA) feature
Up to 1.0 TB of system memory distributed across 8 DDR4 differential dual inline memory module (DDIMM) slots
Transparent Memory Encryption with no additional management setup and no performance impact
Five PCIe slots with four PCIe Gen5 capable, all with concurrent maintenance
Up to 16 NVMe U.2 flash bays provides up to 102.4 TB of high-speed storage
Optional internal RDX drive
1+1 redundant hot-plug 200--240 volt AC titanium power supplies in each enclosure supporting a rack configuration, or
2+2 redundant hot-plug 100--127/200--240 volt AC titanium power supplies in each enclosure supporting a rack or tower/desk configuration
IBM PowerVM-integrated virtualization with minimum processing overhead

The Power S1014 supports:

IBM AIX, IBM i, Linux, and VIOS environments
IBM Power Expert Care service tiers
IBM i Solution Edition for Power S1014
IBM i Express Edition for Power S1014